Felecia Clarke

I had one of my devotionals published in this anthology. Click on the picture to purchase Granola Bar Devotionals. All proceeds help African Missions.

Felecia realized her love of writing early in elementary school. After obtaining a BA in Mass Comm and a MBA, she spent years writing professionally - marketing pieces, newsletters, annual business reports, and employee handbooks. Now she has returned to her true love, creative writing.

Felecia has been published in “Granola Bar Devotionals: Spiritual Snacks on the Go!” She also won Honorable Mention for her short story “A Matter of Conscience” in Two Letter Press’ 2014 Flash Card Fiction contest. Additionally, her short story “Downward Spiral” earned an Honorable Mention in the Short Story Challenge by NYCMidnight in 2015. “Are you Ready” is her debut book.

Writer, Blogger, Author, Photographer

Dale Chiluly ceiling installation at St. Petersburg, FL Photo credit Felecia Clarke | FBDOphotography

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